We are two travellers (one Portuguese and one Romanian) but we carry on into the world as One. We like music, movies, food, chocolate (chocolate is not just food), wine and our dog Asta.

What had us starting this blog? It’s the desire to travel, to meet new people and cultures. And because we’re head over heels in love with Lisbon and Portugal, we want to make sure everyone visiting and reading our recommendations will have an authentic Portuguese experience.

About Edgar

I am Portuguese and very proud of our national heritage. That is why I decided to be an Official National Tour Guide. However, I grew up travelling various parts of the world with my father, which instilled me a deep sense of empathy for other cultures. So wherever I go, I really mean wherever, I pack my bag with enthusiasm. Nowadays, when I’m not offline guiding tourists and travellers through Portugal, you can find me online but not more than one hour a day :).

About Diana

I am Romanian and ever since I was little I had this call for writing, travel and photography. I grew up understanding few of the geography lessons at school until I got to experience it with my own feet and eyes. I rambled the world until I discovered Portugal and Edgar and everything fell into place. Nowadays when I’m not online crafting travel stories and marketing ideas, you can find me offline taking pictures, reading, cooking Jamie Oliver recipes, walking Asta in the park and planning our next trip :).

Drop us a message if you need some insiders’ tips about what to visit in Portugal or about our trips abroad.

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These photos were taken by Be-Light.ro. You can see here the entire photo session.


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