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Our oasis in Trinidad or how we fell in love with Cuba

Our oasis in Trinidad or how we fell in love with Cuba

It strikes me how hard it is to write about the places you love the most, like this oasis in Trinidad we are about to reveal. There’s an entire philosophy behind this thought. Somehow it all boils down to the people we meet in these places and their kindness…We came to the conclusions that they are our heroes.

After one one week of exploring one place after the other, jumping in taxis colectivos, traveling hours on uncomfortable buses, Trinidad was the promise of five quiet days. We knew it would be quiet because the description and all the reviews of the Casa Villa Hermosa we’d booked on AirBnb said so. Located right across the street from the sea, with spectacular views to the mountains, one bike ride away from the beaches, and five minutes taxi ride from Trinidad.

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This is not a post where we’ll feature vintage like pictures with pink flamingos two feet next to us on the beach. That would be in other parts of the Caribbean Sea. Hopefully, we’ll get to tell that story too somewhere in the future. This is a post about our 2 days in Cienfuegos, Cuba, the so-called “Pearl of the South”.

Cienfuegos had already influences of the Spanish Enlightment when it was founded by French emmigrants, who enriched the urban architecture and turned the narrow streets into large boulevards. This is the reason why this colonial town is different from any other in Cuba. Continue reading

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The title says it all. When we woke up the next day in the casa particular and went up on the roof where our breakfast was served, the Vinãles landscape hit us like a meteor. Staring at the mountains, the clouds of turkey vultures and the fog unfolding over the tobacco plantations, gave us this strange feeling as if we were waiting for a dinosaur to appear from afar.

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Prague in 3 days – Czech it out!

Prague in 3 days – Czech it out!

The idyllic Prague picture engraved on our memory as we’re going back to the airport: furry coats and furry hats walking past old beautiful buildings, crossing a bridge, losing themselves in the mist of a park while heading to a classical music concert. 

Diana: It reminds me of Vienna!

Edgar: It reminds me of Paris!

It turned out we were both right 🙂 . Continue reading

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First day in Havana – streets that never sleep

First day in Havana – streets that never sleep

Havana. December 2, 2016.

The humidity and overbearing heat strike us as we arrive in the airport. We’re in December and winter has never felt more summerish. We pick a taxi to take us to our first casa particular. Four days left. Maybe that’s the reason why the electricity is cut off. Everything is so hazy and obscure. Continue reading

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