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Coming across Portuguese local treasures – Alcochete

Coming across Portuguese local treasures – Alcochete

Few are the places in and around Lisbon that are off the tourist eye. Yet, we are lucky to come across such local treasures every now and then. This time is all about Alcochete, a small town overlooking Tagus river and where you can have one of the best views of Portugal’s two iconic bridges. Our scenario.

As we return from our rural escape in Alentejo, Edgar decides to make a last stop before we cross Vasco da Gama bridge.

It’s late afternoon in the middle of July right before the sun starts setting. Still hot. We park the car next to the seafront. We are in Alcochete – famous for herding bulls through the city streets for peoples’ entertainment. It is also famous for hosting flamingoes. Yes, you heard it right, you can spot flamingoes in the Tagus estuary. We’re not here for any of the two attractions. We’re here hoping for some “caracóis e cerveja” (snails and beer).

Asta is not taking well the heat, neither do we, so we hide from the sun on narrow streets for a while…Locals cooling in the shade, in the backyards, in the front yards, on the terraces. You can tell life has a different pace here. Just what one needs after a hectic week in the city – colorful houses, animated centre (but with locals instead of tourists, which feels so different from the capital life). The peak of our stop in Alcochete is the sunset – a description would be futile, so we let the pictures take the stage.

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  1. Susana says:

    Thank you for the lovely photos of my hometown:)

    1. says:

      I love your hometown, Susana! Here we’ve seen one of the best sunsets too! 🙂 *

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