January 18, 2018 at 11:20 pm

Warning: Landeau Chocolate cake will get you addicted

Warning: Landeau Chocolate cake will get you addicted

As the quote goes, “If nothing else works, try chocolate cake.”

Every now and then we stop by El Corte Inglês to take home a slice of this divine chocolate cake. We feel like it’s hard to put in words how amazingly it tastes, so we just googled “how would you describe a chocolate cake” and came upon a Yahoo answers page, where the best answer selected says, “The moist chocolate cake melts in my mouth, sticky with fudge frosting on my tongue. The bitter and simultaneously sweet smell of it puts me in a serene mind state. I smack my full red lips together. With the rich deep shades of brown on every delicious layer this cake acts as a slice of happiness.”  This perfectly sums-up how it feels to eat the best chocolate cake in the world. Because for us it is the best. We haven’t tried any other yet that measures up to Landeau. (And no, this is not a sponsored post, if this is what you thought).

Here we are, back to LX Factory to stop by one of our favorite vintage shops and indulge in happiness again. It’s a rainy and chilly day, so we thought “what can solve a rainy day better than a slice of chocolate cake and a hot chocolate cup (75% cocoa) at Landeau?” And it did solve. The End.

The best way to convince yourself, instead of mouth-watering by looking at the pictures, is to head right away to a Landeau chocolate shop in Lisbon.

Where to find Landeau Chocolate cake:

Lx Factory


El Corte Inglês

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4 thoughts on “Warning: Landeau Chocolate cake will get you addicted

  1. Rose says:

    Love the pictures from this post. I tried Landeau Chocolate yesterday for the first time and it was delicious. Although, for me it had way too much chocolate. I also did not know that they have one at El Corte Ingles, I will check it out next time I am at El corte.

    1. diana.coza@gmail.com says:

      Thank you, Rose! For us, chocolate is never enough. As the Portuguese would say, “somos gulosos” 🙂

  2. stella says:

    Exactly where in El Cortes Ingles may I find this amazing cake? (the gourmet shop across from the grocery store? the grocery store itself? or the food court?)
    Thank you!

    1. Where Two Go To says:

      Hello Stella! You got it right, it’s in the gourmet shop across the grocery store! Enjoy 🙂

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