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Our oasis in Trinidad or how we fell in love with Cuba

Our oasis in Trinidad or how we fell in love with Cuba

It strikes me how hard it is to write about the places you love the most, like this oasis in Trinidad we are about to reveal. There’s an entire philosophy behind this thought. Somehow it all boils down to the people we meet in these places and their kindness…We came to the conclusions that they are our heroes.

After one one week of exploring one place after the other, jumping in taxis colectivos, traveling hours on uncomfortable buses, Trinidad was the promise of five quiet days. We knew it would be quiet because the description and all the reviews of the Casa Villa Hermosa we’d booked on AirBnb said so. Located right across the street from the sea, with spectacular views to the mountains, one bike ride away from the beaches, and five minutes taxi ride from Trinidad.

How could we forget when we danced to Ibrahim Ferrer- Compositor Confundido while Maricela was singing and taking us pictures?

How could we forget the amazing breakfasts with fresh fruits from Maricela’s garden while hummingbirds were flying over to the nearest flowers for their own breakfast? How could we forget the exquisite shrimps and mojitos Maricela skillfully prepared us for dinner? And that time we returned from Topes de Collantes, we were starving, and she made the best avocado with fresh tomatoes?

Or the endless times Maricela kept calling Edgar “Agdel” and what a laugh she had later on when we told her his name is in fact “Edgar”. Or how we stayed talking late about life and love while I was swinging in the hammock, Verdugo (the dog) was barking and running around the house, and she sentimentally told me: “there are various types of love: love for one’s children, love for the parents, love between siblings…all this is wonderful…but there’s nothing like the love between lovers (amor de pareja)”.

And the many travellers we’ve met in this house with whom we ended up sharing a mojito and a conversation on the terrace..

We rolled down the window of the old Lada to wave goodbye to Maricela, her family, Naira, the two dogs and her house standing still behind her like a protective pillar. We miss them all, and it’s hard to think there’s no internet on that side of the world so we can reach them in an instant. Yet, that’s what makes it unique…being remote and far from the buzz of the modern addictions..


What else did we do apart from spending quality (people) time at Villa Hermosa?

We visited Trinidad and went for dinner at La Cojiba restaurant (wonderful dishes with live band) and had the best coffee in town at Café don Pepe restaurant.

One day we went to Topes de Collantes. Maricela ordered a taxi with the super friendly driver, Mario, who waited for us three hours at the mountain feet until we hiked to the waterfall and back. On our way back we stopped to buy some beers and invited him in for a break on the Villa Hermosa’s terrace.

Two days we went by bike to the nearest beach, famous for snorkeling. It was our first time snorkeling and it was perfect, we had a perfect guide and caught the right days to see a stingray. One day we rode the bike to the Boca village and to the other close beaches. (P.S. We must admit we were not fond of the so famous Playa Ancon)

Recommended: Download the Putumayo Cuba album to have the best local soundtrack for those random moments you feel like dancing on the beach or on the street!


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