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There Is This Great Place In Lisbon Called Chapitô

There Is This Great Place In Lisbon Called Chapitô

Let’s go out tonight! Does this sentence sound familiar? Naturally! Now with what many of you might not be familiar is usually the place to go out. That is why we’re here, to help you make up your mind easier and bring more excitement to your evening outs.

Located near downtown (Rossio), on the hill of the Saint George castle, Chapitô offers a breathless panoramic view over Alfama and the river. It surely cannot pass unnoticed. 

Chapito, LisbonAn ambiance that breathes comfort, romance, tasty food with playful flavours in the air, and in the same time, an ambiance that inspires eccentricity so that we never get bored – how many of us are looking for such an abracadabra place? Whether you are a local, a passerby or a tourist, there is this cultural, lively place in Lisbon you should check, called Chapitô.

Once you are here, you might be lucky to be greeted by a jolly clown. Then you will be surprised by the variety of hand-made accessories they sell at the entrance. While going downstairs,  you will slowly discover that Chapitô is more than a restaurant, although it might seem like at a first glance / smell. It is a place that welcomes everyone in search for a glass of wine, a good conversation or why not, a coffee.

Nevertheless, what makes Chapitô truly unique and popular is its history. Starting in 1981 as a circus training school,  it meanwhile became an ongoing chapito, lisbonproject meant for the development of education, culture and arts, designed and hosted by actors and clowns. So, if you’ve ever heard about Commedia dell’Arte and you are into musicals, magic, black humor, visual theatre, contemporary dances, Chapitô is the place to be, either as a spectator or as a scholar.

Shortly, Chapitô is divided into bar, restaurant, discotheque,  bibliothèque, theater, training school, each with a unique decor, addressed to all types of customers. Amazing, isn’t it?

As true gourmands, we cannot help but recommend that you try some tapas here, especially if you get up your appetite for a quick dish.

1. Batatas saloias (recently rebranded as Batatas Troika), or rustic potatoes, are such a guilty pleasure, but totally worth it!

2. The charcuterie that goes very well with wineIf you are not a connoisseur, you can simply close your eyes and point randomly on the menu (though as a golden rule, remember that charcuterie must be paired with red wine).  No matter the choice, in Portugal you will always drink good wine.

Welcome to Chapitô!

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